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Years of sourcing fruits and vegetables on a worldwide basis have placed us in a unique position to meet our clients’ market needs no matter what the demand. Our relationships with growers, both in the States and abroad, go back many years, and we consider them, as they do us, trusted partners in keeping the supply and value chain for fruits and vegetables running smoothly. The combination of our history with growers along with the breadth of our grower network makes us less vulnerable to market disruptions of any nature, adding to our customers’ confidence and peace-of-mind in sourcing product.

Utilizing our extensive global network of agricultural resources, we are able to source and deliver products that are typically difficult to find. Our trading partners in North, South and Central America, Europe and Asia provide a smooth pipeline to rare and exotic items, as well as more traditional staples. (We also have the resources to private label and custom blend these goods.)

Communications is the key to exceptional sourcing performance, and so we spare no effort in working to nurture and continuously improve the communications process with our suppliers and customers. Utilizing the latest hardware and software tools, we serve as a valuable resource by providing rapid and accurate access to the latest domestic and international information on crop conditions, market trends and commodities pricing. Experienced in working with industrial, foodservice, and retail providers, we are sensitive and responsive to the special sourcing needs of those serving these markets.


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