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Product Development

For companies looking to break into ever-changing markets, Harvest’s expertise in product development is another strategic value.

We can help take your product idea from concept to prototype to testing to production. Our state-of-the-art test kitchens, chefs and food scientists are exceptional resources as you move from first formulations to finished goods. We can help with competitive product analysis, acceptability, processing procedures and expertise, product optimization, line extensions— whatever your brand portfolio needs to make it more attractive to those holding shelf space. Because of the work we do in developing product, you not only put product on the shelves, you put product on the shelves that “flies off the shelf.” Its delivery on taste, texture, and appearance results in repeat business.

Harvest understands that each client— and each project— has unique needs and characteristics. We work with you in devising a product development methodology that meets your objectives, budgets and windows-to-market. In challenging economic times like these, clients value what Harvest brings to the table in product development as a means of extending and refining their own product R&D.


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