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Harvest has worked hard to develop vendor-managed inventory and just-in-time delivery programs that stand as models in the industry. We understand it’s not just the product, but also how the product is coordinated, that has a profound impact on your business vitality.

The benefits of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) have been well documented:
  • Fewer stockouts. Lower inventory.
  • Reduced planning and ordering costs.
  • Improved service levels.
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels.

If these are the kind of benefits you’re looking for, then you need to talk to Harvest about our VMI program. We have instituted a series of VMI plans designed to meet your needs, regardless of size and market. Our VMI programs allow you to receive any volume of product you need, from individual pallets to truckloads. On time, just in time, every time— a surefire way to cut costs, improve services, and drive better profitability.


Extend your line,
extend your profits...