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From grower to consumer, organic fruits and vegetables make good sense— they’re ideal for a healthy lifestyle, a fact seen in their powerful market growth. Increasingly, respected health providers are recommending not just fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet, but organic fruits and vegetables. Consider the following from the University of Michigan Health System:

"We recommend organic fruits and vegetables because they contain less pesticide residue. We believe they also provide better flavor and are a better nutritional choice than conventionally grown produce."

Such advice has not been lost on consumers. Over the past decade, organic fruits and vegetables have consistently shown double digit growth in the US market; and organic fruits and vegetables account for nearly half of organic food sales. As such, the increased shelf space allotted to organic fruits and vegetables, as well as their increased use by restaurants and other food providers, should be no surprise. Organic fruits and vegetables are good business.

Harvest has been an early pioneer in the organic frozen fruit and vegetable market— and their preference among buyers can be traced back to their sourcing expertise. All Harvest organic products are certified organic back to the source— the original grower of the fruit and vegetables, regardless of where their operations are. Because of this, Harvest is preferred source for certified organic fruit and vegetables.


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